X Lobito Big Game Fishing Tournament
    March 10, 2014 - March 13, 2014
    Lobito, ANGOLA
    Horacio PIna

X Lobito Big Game Fishing Tournament

Tudo Fish Fishing Team wins 10th Lobito Big Game Tournament There were high expectations for the 10th LGBT held from 10-13 March 2014 after the great fishing recorded two weeks prior to the event during the inaugural Lobito Sailfish Classic. A record 50 boats entered the 4 day tournament including 2 teams from South Africa. Boats that pre-fished the event had great fishing for sailfish and reported a lot of big sailfish many over 100 pounds. Four days before the tournament a pending IGFA women’s 20lb record of 62kg was caught by Luisa Baptista to hopefully regain the record she held precisely 40 years ago in Angola! This event has still not been won twice by any team but from day 1 Tudo Fish Fishing Team showed that they were determined to change that statistic by posting 11 tagged sailfish to lead the field on 4530.3 points. In 2nd place with 9 sailfish were Tubarões Fishing Team on 4050 points followed by Team Kwanza and Marlinheiros in 3rd and 4th both with 3,600 points. The top Lobito boat was Team Dourado in 5th with 3475 points. In total 138 sailfish and 2 blue marlin were released on the first day. The 2nd day saw the water quality deteriorate with greener water appearing from the North but that did not affect the fishing at all! Another 137 sailfish and 2 blue marlin were released. Tudo Fish FT increased their lead with another 10 sailfish releases for 9058.2 points. Tubarões FT also released 10 sailfish to get a good hold on 2nd place with 8325 points. Team Nautico then moved into the picture with a blue marlin and 7 sailfish for 3rd place and 6625points. Team Kuxica also made their move with 9 sailfish and 4th place on 6584.7points with Marlinheiros dropping down to 5th place on 6525 points. Day 3 saw a rain squall appear in the afternoon but this simply drove the sailfish crazy but seas conditions for the smaller boats were not good. Tudo Fish FT just kept on calling in the releases and for the 3rd consecutive day caught double digit sailfish. The other teams were dropping further behind them as they increased their total to 13.558.2 points from 31 releases with one day to go. Still in 2nd was Tubarões FT with 9973, followed by Marlinheiros with 9675.00, Team Kuxica with 8834.7 and Team Nautico in 5th on 7975points. Again there were similar totals for fleet for the day of 120 sailfish and 1 blue marlin. However the highlight of day 3 was the capture by Marco Couto of Tubarões Fishing Team of a massive 64.6kg sailfish which beats the existing all tackle record by 0.6kg and the men’s 30lb record by 3.7kg. The final day brought calm conditions and Tudo Fish FT set about ‘business as usual’ and easily wrapped up the event with another 11 sailfish releases for a total of 42 sailfish and 18,508.2 points for a new tournament record for Angola and incredibly consistent fishing. In 2nd place Tubarões FT had 29 sailfish and 12673 points, 3rd place was Marlinheiros also with 29 sailfish and 12409.5 points. 4th place went to Team Kuxica with 26 releases and 11,534.7points with Team Dourado, the top local Lobito boat, taking 5th with 23 sailfish and 10450points. In terms of total numbers of billfish this event broke all Angolan records with 513 sailfish and 7 blue marlin 99.3% of them released and most with a TBF tag. This is most certainly the most successful billfish tournament held on the West Coast of Africa if not the whole continent. Captain Jan Jongschaap has been to the OWC various times in Cabo and last year in Quepos and will be taking his team again in 2015! This LBGT has now put Lobito firmly on the world billfish map.