Team Kuxica wins 24 Horas de Pesca de Luanda
    January 18, 2014 - January 19, 2014
    Luanda, Luanda, ANGOLA
    Nuno Pereira
    +244 911 647 936

Team Kuxica wins 24 Horas de Pesca de Luanda

The 24 Horas de Pesca de Luanda was the most successful (in terms of billfish numbers) tournament ever held in Luanda with 84 sailfish and 4 marlin all released bar one 461 lb blue marlin that died and was boated. Only the Lobito Big Game Tournament (LBGT) has produced more billfish than this in Angola but in terms of number of boats (25) and days fishing (2) this produced even better fishing than the fantastic LBGT last March 2013. The event was hosted by the Clube Naval de Luanda on the 18th & 19th of January 2104. The 24 Horas de Pesca de Luanda is held from 06:00 until 18:00 (12 hours per day) and there is no lines-out. Skippers decide when to stop fishing and must be back at the club by 18:00 or will be disqualified. This is a modified release format for billfish and teams can also weigh in other species like dorado and tuna but 99% of the billfish were released and most of them tagged in the process. On the first day the radio simply did not stop chattering with boats calling in hookups and lost fish non-stop all through the day starting not long after 07:15! There were sailfish all over the place and on the surface tailing in schools. This has not been seen here since 1994 which was the last time sailfish were seen off Luanda in such great numbers. When the dust settled at the end of the day the jury spent nearly 5 hours going through videos to verify that 39 sailfish and 2 blue marlin had been caught and released! Team Release shot into the lead with an impressive 6 sailfish tag haul followed by Fish.Com with 4 tagged sails and in 3rd place Team Nautico with a tagged marlin and a sail. The other top 12 teams all had 2 or more sailfish. Going into the 2nd day it seemed unlikely that such great fishing could continue but it actually got better! Team Kuxica who on day one had tagged one of the two blue marlin that day had a banner day with 7 tagged sailfish but not to be outdone Tubarões Fishing Team had a charge and also managed 7 tagged sailfish! Team Release could not maintain their form from the first day and ‘only’ managed 2 more tagged sailfish. In the end Team Kuxica’s blue marlin made all the difference and gave them a comfortable 1st place with 4250 points followed by Tubarões Fishing Team with 3675 points and Team Release just behind in 3rd place with 3600 points. What was even more impressive about Team Kuxica’s win was that this was the first tournament that they had fished their new boat that had just arrived from USA in December. What a great way to christen their new boat the ‘Pura Vida’! Team Captain Fernando Duarte will be taking his team to represent the 24 Horas de Pesca de Luanda at the OWC in 2015 and enjoying the Pura Vida there too! The return of such great numbers of sailfish is really fantastic news as the number of sailfish has gone down over the years and we have had some really poor seasons. Last season saw the return again of big blues and more sails than the previous decade. However the numbers of sailfish is really incredible for here where such numbers have not been seen for so long. Where these fish have appeared from is a mystery as all we hear about these days is the collapse of stocks and suddenly this happens– we just hope they hang around for a few months more and reappear next season too!